Mu Yang

About Me

Hi, there! My name is Mu Yang. I’m an incoming Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at Texas A&M University starting from 2020 Fall. My supervisor is Prof. Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna.

I obtained my M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering at University of Southern California (USC). During my Master’s study, I worked with Prof. Panayiotis Georgiou and folks from SCUBA Lab on Spoken Language Understanding and Speech Synthesis problems. After that I spent one year working as a research assistant at Plus Lab at USC Information Scienceses Institute (ISI), fortunate to be supervised by Prof. Nanyun (Violet) Peng.

My research interests lie in Natural/Spoken Language Processing. I will be working on Voice Conversion and Accent Conversion during my Ph.D. In the past, I also had much experience in Natural Language Processing, especially in Information Extraction projects (Event and Event Temporal Relation Extraction).


  • Voice/Accent Conversion, Speech Synthesis
  • Information Extraction(Event and Event Relation)
  • Natural/Spoken Language Processing


  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering, 2019

    University of Southern California, U.S.

  • B.Eng. in Communication Engineering, 2017

    Chongqing University, China

  • Exchange Student, 2016

    National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan


I love music! I play guitar (a lot), bass (a little), drum (a little) and violin (>10 years back). I play and sing in a few (unprofessional) bands. We covered songs from our favorite artists. Check out some of our videos!